Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover: Expectation Vs Reality

Childbirth can be rewarding, but it also takes a tremendous toll on a woman’s body. Pregnancy always results in a degree of weight gain, which may remain long after childbirth and compromise the elasticity of the skin. During breastfeeding, the breast can increase and size causes them to sag and loses their youthful shape once lactation ends. Childbirth particularly affects the tummy. It causes the abdominal muscles to become separated and the skin to stretch. The overall effects of childbirth can really change a woman’s figure, and for some women, the change makes them feel less confident about their appearance. Fortunately, today, women can choose to undergo a mommy makeover to gain their pre-pregnancy body back. So, what is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is not a single surgery that reconstructs the body of a mother. Instead, it is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures that are performed together in one operation. It can include essentially any combination of cosmetic surgeries considered necessary to help achieve the patient’s goal, but it mainly consists of a breast lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. The aim of the mommy makeover is to restore a youthful and flattering figure, helping many women to experience improved confidence during motherhood.

Mommy Makeober Before and After

Below, we are going to discuss more details about the mommy makeover. Read on!

Understanding mommy makeover

Most people expect a mommy makeover to snap women back to their pre-baby selves in just a few weeks or months after giving birth. In reality, attempting to undergo mommy makeover soon after childbirth is simply unsafe and dangerous because both pregnancy and childbirth put massive stress on women’s bodies. It is recommended that you wait at least six months after giving birth before you have any invasive plastic surgery. This will give your body a chance to heal fully.

If you have seen celebrities get back into shape so quickly after giving birth, it’s probably not because they undergo mommy makeover right after childbirth. Instead, they employ several strategies. They usually work with nutritionists and personal trainers during and after pregnancy, which will make sure they eat a healthy diet and engage in safelight exercises to prevent the weight from piling on in the first place. It is advisable that you also do the same if you want to regain your pre-pregnancy body soon after childbirth. Many people treat pregnancy as a chance to binge on food, but you have to remember that the more fat you gain, the more weight you will need to lose later. 

Of course, there will be things that cannot be addressed simply by diet and exercise. It is common for pregnancy hormones to cause the body to develop new deposits of stubborn fat. Pregnancy also leads to loose skin and damaged muscles in the abdomen. This is where a mommy makeover can help you. With a mommy makeover, the loose skin in the abdomen can be addressed through a procedure called a tummy tuck. Furthermore, any problems that occur in the breast and vagina, such as a loss of breast volume or stretched or distorted labia can easily be corrected in a mommy makeover.

Surgeries involved in a mommy makeover

A mommy makeover is a fully customized treatment tailored precisely to your own goal. Not all women need to undergo all of the procedures that make up a mommy makeover. Some women only need to have one or two of the procedures. 

To give you an idea of what a mommy makeover consists of, take a look at the list below:

  • A breast lift and breast augmentation – the breast can experience a drastic increase in size throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, the breasts will become flatter again once lactation has ceased, causing the skin of the breast to become stretched, which eventually results in sagging, drooping, and a loss of youthful contour. Many women also experience smaller and flatter breasts after breastfeeding is complete. This is why breast lift and breast augmentation are preferable after childbirth as they can restore the youthful and perky contour of the breast.
  • Tummy tuck – After pregnancy, women are left with excess fat and skin in their abdomen. During tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon will “pull-down” and tighten your skin and muscles. Your loose skin will be removed and any damaged muscle will be repaired. In addition, if you experience stress urinary incontinence, your surgeon can also place a small mound of tissue near your bladder to regulate urine flow.
  • Liposuction – Stubborn fat deposits developed during pregnancy that will not go away even after diet and exercise can be eliminated through liposuction. Using a special tool called a cannula, the stubborn fat will be gently suctioned from beneath the skin. Liposuction can be performed in the abdomen, hips, thighs, or several other areas with stubborn fat deposits. 
  • Labiaplasty – During childbirth, a woman’s labia minora can stretch substantially, causing flaps of the labia minora to protrude beyond the protective labia majora. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Since the labia minora is very sensitive and prone to chafing, it can make it hard for some women to engage in sexual activity or exercise. With a labiaplasty, this problem can be corrected so the labia can function normally again.

Ideal candidates for the mommy makeover

Not every woman can undergo a mommy makeover. You have to make sure that you meet all the following criteria to be able to have a mommy makeover.

  • You have to be generally healthy – mommy makeover involves more than just one surgical procedure, so it is very important that you are in good health. Common conditions, such as type two diabetes can make the procedure risky.
  • You need to have a healthy weight – a mommy makeover is not a weight loss procedure. Yes, some fat will be removed during the procedure, but you will need to have lost the bulk of your baby weight before the procedure. It is recommended that you are no more than 25 pounds over your ideal weight before surgery.
  • You are not planning to get pregnant again in the future – while this is not strictly necessary, it is advisable to wait until you are finished having children before you undergo a mommy makeover. The skin of your abdomen and breasts can stretch again after pregnancy, causing the results of your surgery to be undone. Of course, you can undergo revision surgeries, but doing so only add inconvenience and additional expenses. 

Recovery of the mommy makeover

Mommy makeover is often performed as outpatient surgery, meaning you can recover at home. In some cases, you may need to stay in the hospital overnight. The recovery period for a mommy makeover will depend on the specific surgeries included. In general, recovery can take up to two weeks. During the recovery time, you will feel some discomfort, but your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to help you. It is also important that you have someone to help you with your basic daily activities, such as making food and cleaning up, as you will be tired and tender for several days. Remember that you should avoid heavy lifting, including vigorous exercise and lifting babies, for at least six weeks following the surgery.

Choosing a plastic surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is essential to achieve the best result of a mommy makeover, as well as to reduce its risks. Remember that mommy makeover is a combination of invasive techniques, so you should only choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience and knowledge of the procedure. Ask them for the before and after pictures to ensure that their work is in line with what you had in mind.